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Recruiting IT professionals -eliteslns.com

Is your IT employment agency paying you too low?

We are spreading the words that we have started an overhead-free staffing agency to help those looking for IT jobs and also who are currently working but are being taken advantage of by the agencies.

We have designed and started a consulting firm with minimal operating costs so we could provide better rates to the working consultants. If you are ready to look for a job (QA, BA, Programming) please reach out to us. We will tell you how we can pay you more than almost any other agency out there.

Also, if you are currently working and being paid low rates then you could also switch the employer to us so we will pay you the rates that you deserve. Our promise is to be a greed-free and transparent agency.

Email - [email protected] Phone: 703 776 0745 www.eliteslns.com